There is a misconception about most musicians in Christian music. Many                                                           people think that because we are on stage or because our songs are on the radio, we are financially secure. The reality is, we rely on the Lord through donors like yourself to help fulfill our call, just like a missionary. Much of our work is done for free, knowing that we are investing in the Kingdom of God. As a donor, you not only help us share Jesus with event goers, but you also help us make a difference in the communities we serve.


So what does it practically look like? I have Partnered with a (501c3) Non- profit called "Generosity Rocks!" As part of that partnership I have agreed to give 10% + of merchandise sales and tips to the local communities where I lead worship. Homeless shelters, food banks, pro-life centers and families in need are just some of the groups we’ve given to. It is quite rewarding to lead a community in lifting high the name of Jesus and then to continue to bless them by giving finically to that community that very night. People have been inspired by our generosity and they give joyfully! It’s simple and quite special.


There are two easy ways to give: a one time gift of any amount, or monthly as a consistent donor. All monthly donors will receive all of my music and content for FREE and before its released to the general public, as well as FREE VIP tickets to any event that they wish to attend. Your tax-deductible financial gifts can be registered online by choosing "Erik Michael" on the “artists” tab at or by clicking on the red logo below! Thank you for considering and helping the team and I spread the Gospel of Jesus christ and the knowledge of the transformation that comes from knowing HIM!


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