Hi Guys,

My name is Erik. I'm a worship leader guy...amongst other things. I was born in a little town near Bucharest Romania, but grew up on a farm in upstate New York.

I was blessed to have a Mom and a Dad who instilled a love of God, history, music and philosophy in me as I grew up. My Dad also got me hooked on Celtic music at a pretty young age. (The first instrument I learned to play was the highland bagpipes...yeah I know crazy right?)

Having been raised in the church, I grew up loving both the beauty of liturgical worship as well as the classic modern worship pieces. There was nothing I enjoyed more than being a part of the church choir or leading worship with a band in youth group. I also got to travel a lot growing up and I was able to lead worship as well as experience worship in different cultures. This was life changing for me.

Let's jump a few years.

When I got out of college I ended up back in upstate NY working odd jobs to make ends meet while I was in transition. I eventually ended up working for some churches and para-church ministries, which led to becoming a youth pastor, all while filling in where needed as a worship leader in my home church as well as at churches around the Northeastern United States.

During all this time I always seemed to find solace and comfort in worship/ prayer songs.

I inadvertently started dabbling in songwriting when I was about 16. It started as a way for me to vent, and as a way to respond to what God was doing in my life. It just came naturally as an overflow of what was happening in my life at the time. Later on I realized that this is how honest worship songs are started. It starts as a yearning in one's heart for more of God and to be closer to him.

Time went on and I started to record my songs.

Looking back now, some of my early work is a little embarrassing. It humbles me though to be reminded of the honest, raw and broken moments that those early songs were birthed from, as well as to see God's faithfulness throughout my life.

Time moved forward.

Over the past  number of years I have been working in the corporate world, where I get to serve people on a daily basis. Through this process God has been growing my character and my heart for people. It's been a journey of God showing me at times who I really am as one of his kids...without ALWAYS having a guitar in my hand. On top of the stuff of everyday life, God has been still allowing opportunities to be the creative arts director at my local church as well as to lead worship and encourage folks at conferences, festivals, and churches around the country.

So If you have read this far I am humbled and thankful for your interest. God is good and I'm excited to see what happens as I step into this new season of life and ministry. Maybe I'll get to visit a church near you, and we can share some songs and stories together. Either way, I pray God's best for you in your gifting and calling, and that we both will continue to grow in love for God and others.

Blessings and Peace

"Erik is one of the most intentional song writers I know. He confidently writes for the Glory of God through the passion of his heart to the world entire. His songs have such a deep consideration of the listener; it is as if they were silent co-writers."



Matthew Sposato - 19 year veteran CCM promoter - Fuse Concerts

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